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Tabla de windsurf fanatic viper school soft deck white 2017
daffi.com Descripción if you are looking to get into the sport of windsurfing, then the viper is your ticket to ride! our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the sport. Daffi, tablas windsurf
1.259,10 €
Radz hawaii 430 rdm carbon 45
surfstage.com Mástil de 2 piezas de 430 rdm carbón 45. imcs 21. 1,98 kg.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, mastiles
210,00 €
Starboard kode 137l tufskin 2016 oferta
daffi.com Descripción la kode tufskin te permite disfrutar del windsurf con toda la familia, ideal para aficionar a los niños gracias a su aleta central, volumen y puente de eva, cambiando. Daffi, tablas windsurf
1.299,00 €
Tabla de windsurf fanatic quad te 2017
daffi.com Descripción radical wave. the quad is the most radical waveboard within the fanatic range. if youÕre driven by full rail carves, late turns and radical down-the-line wavesailing, then the quad. Daffi, tablas windsurf
2.159,10 €
Rrd airsup convertible windsurf 9,8
daffi.com Descripción los mismos shapes de la rrd airsup ahora estan disponibles en version convertible. con una insercion para el mastil ahora la airsup se convierte en un camaleon capaz de. Daffi, tablas surf paddle
899,00 €
Valvula de tabla de windsurf
daffi.com Descripción valvula de windsurf. Daffi, accesorios varios
9,00 €
Gaastra matrix 2015
surfstage.com InformaciÓn. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, velas
330,00 €
Tornillo alerón m6x80
surfstage.com Tornillo alerón.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, tornillos
3,20 €
Radz hawaii easy rig aluminio
surfstage.com Tensor de aluminio.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, tensores
14,00 €
Radz hawaii 460 rdm carbon 45
surfstage.com Mástil de 2 piezas de 460 rdm carbón 45. imcs 25. 2,15 kg.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, mastiles
220,00 €
Aparejo hinchable arrow m ¨novedad!!!
daffi.com Descripción north kiteboarding the world biggest kite brand and northsails market leader in windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made. the outcome is what we call best of both. Daffi, aparejo vela windsurf completo
459,00 €
Aparejo completo b3 junior
daffi.com Descripción aparejo completo junuior formado por vela ,mastil de 2 piezas en aluminio,botavara,driza,etc. Daffi, aparejo vela windsurf completo
339,00 €
Radz hawaii footstrap 4 ud.
54,00 €
Tabla starboard kode 94 wood 2014 (test)
daffi.com Descripción el kode freestyle wave es versátil. puede ser una máquina de carreras de verdad:. en la velocidad máxima, la tabla es una de las mejores windsurfistas avanzados serán capaces. Daffi, tablas windsurf
982,80 €
Vela de windsurf northsails s-type sl 2017
daffi.com Descripción no.compromise.design: guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical luff.lift.panel: super early planing and accelera- tion through increased profile in. Daffi, velas windsurf
855,00 €
Tabla bic techno 133
daffi.com Descripción on a techno 133 you can go fast, very fast easily. in all kinds of conditions and always with great sensations. at the same time, you can enjoy funboard. Daffi, tablas windsurf
999,00 €
Tuerca latón m8
2,70 €
Starboard carve 131 3dx 2017
daffi.com Descripción the iconic freeriders designed to provide maximum performance with minimum fuss. their length allows the carves to plane up smoothly and effortlessly. the wide and slim profile give them. Daffi, tablas windsurf
1.349,00 €
Rrd firemove wood v2 140 l
daffi.com Descripción the most contradictive design in our windsurfing collection has conquered the heart of many passionate windsurfer in last two years since its first launch on the market.the firemove concept. Daffi, tablas windsurf
1.081,60 €
Ocean&earth tie down straps 12' 3.6m
surfstage.com Cinchas para transporte. incluye bolsa para transporte.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, viaje
28,00 €
North sails e-type 2016
daffi.com Descripción key features >  01   new:  no.compromise.design : guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical >  02   luff.lift.panel : super early. Daffi, velas windsurf
451,00 €
Bic tecno 130 2º mano
250,00 €
Easy rig plano
surfstage.com Tensor y destornillador plano.. Surfstage, deportes, windsurf, tensores
24,90 €
Fanatic freewave 2016 oferta
daffi.com Descripción the fanatic freewave goes into its 12th season, and is the benchmark for one of the most versatile and sought after boards on the market. our endless hunger to. Daffi, tablas windsurf
1.039,48 €